Dateline: Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting Promoted

On the first of August, I was promoted to the rank of Major. The ceremony was presided over by The Judge Advocate General of the Air Force and was held in the Pentagon inside the Hall of Heroes. I was honored to have 17 family members from both my and Kerrie's side of the family come up to DC for the ceremony. They all arrived on Wednesday afternoon and the fun began.

On Thursday morning, we got all 17 through security (though my cousin Kendall almost didn't make it since she decided to ignore the "No Photography" sign) and the ceremony began at 9AM. After the ceremony, we toured the Pentagon and headed over to Pentagon City for lunch. Later that night, we rolled into DC for a night tour of the monuments.

On Friday, the family got introduced to the DC commute by taking the Metro into DC on a Friday morning. All survived. Barely. We then toured the National Archives, went up into the Washington Monument, and strolled along the National Mall. It was then back to our house for a party at our house. On Saturday, most of the family headed back to home but my Pop and cousin Slade went over with us to Arlington National Cemetery and the Air Force Memorial.

It was one heck of a week and we enjoyed it thoroughly. We are very thankful to all of our family members who took the long trip up to see us and share these moments with us.

For more pictures, be sure to check out my family's photo albums on Facebook.

Kerrie's - Promotion & Activities

, Slade's, Micah's

The program and rank for the ceremony.

The lovely bride, the girls (C made a nice exit to the back to watch some Veggietales), my Pop, Mom, and Brother.

My good friend Naomi served as the narrator.

Kerrie and the girls putting on my new rank.

Kisses and hugs from my girls.

Center Stage.


Me with the fam.

The Osborn/Miller Clan. And I know you like K's posing in the front row.

The Gaston/Fields Family.

With my dear cousin and friend Claude. How we miss you!

With a few of my best friends in the Air Force.

Click below to see more pics of baseball, Mo's new car, and more, plus pics and video of Mo's end-of-year concert!

Wednesday night was met with a nice fireworks show, courtesy of the weather. Video below.

The crew in front of the National Archives.

Having lunch before Kendall met up with her lunch date - a panhandler.

Our crew on the National Mall.

The Boys and the Miller Cousins.

Atop the Washington Monument - looking East, then South.

Then West, then North.

Poppa and Big Mo after a long day of walking and sightseeing.

The spread and Kerrie's Grandmother making her world-famous gumbo.

All set.

Derek cooking the burgers and some unexpected visitors.


Deep discussion, including (on the right) the 1960's era Yankees.

Big Mo still thanking Mr. Charles for Molly.

Looking down on DC from the Lee House.

Me and Pop with the Knuckleheads.

Views of and from the Air Force Memorial.

Me and Pop - the Memorial is tall.

My cousin Slade. I told you it was tall.

And finally, a little lightning show from the Mall.


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