Dateline: Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer Months of 2010

As we moved into August and on into September, we enjoyed the DC heat (after braving 32 inches of snow at once in February) and spent a lot of time outdoors watching soccer, playing in "da pooooollll," getting a small getaway to the beach, and sightseeing. Here's a look.

If you can't have an in-ground pool, this is what you get.

C directing traffic.

So, of course, if one has an umbrella, the other must as well. At least C went for Buzz instead of pink.

Little C feet on the Atlantic Shore of Bethany Beach, Delaware.

On the left, K getting rocked by a wave. On the right, C saying he wants to get hit by one too. All boy!

And here is the life. Oversized beach chair, LSU towel, cold drink, PB&J hand-served. Not going to get better than that.

Mo enjoying dinner along the shore.

Click below to see more pics of soccer, a trip to Great Falls Park, the kiddo's summer portraits, and more random pictures from throughout the summer.

Mo's team played in a soccer tournament and won the whole thing.

K took watercolor lessons over the summer and here are some of her creations.

I guess the banana wasn't so good that morning.

Again . . . tough life for this one.

Happy in the seat . . . . and the crash.

Football season is CLOSE!

Boppy. Check. Elmo Train. Check. Star Wars T-Shirt. Check.

Cupcakes by da pppoooooolllllllll.

In late August, Big Mo's best friend from San Antonio came for her annual visit and the girls headed out to Great Falls Park which is situated along the banks of the Potomac River.

Just a few minutes from the ridiculous hussle and bustle of DC, you find this. Sheer beauty!

Kingston headed down the trail to get a drink, and then refused to come back up unassisted.

And finally, here are some portraits we had made of all the little people.

And finally . . . . a little C dancing!


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