Dateline: Saturday, May 14, 2011

June/July 2010

June and July were tough months for us in more than a few ways. June was a big transition month for us as we all got used to my new job (and longer hours) in the Pentagon. School was also winding down and we had final exams, spring concerts, and the like. Thankfully, we also had time for sushi, baseball, soccer games, and pool trips. We were also preparing for my promotion and the activities that would come with that.

Sadly, in late June, we lost our Uncle Craig. The picture above is our small memorial to him that we left in a restaurant in downtown Gadsden. There are few days that go by that he does not come to mind in some form or fashion. I'll be writing more on him in the coming weeks. We miss you Uncle Bighead!

July was met with more pool time, more soccer, and Big Mo getting a new car--a least new to her--from my good friend Charles. He received the car as a gift from his uncle after his aunt passed away due to cancer. Instead of simply trading it in when it was time for him to get a new car, he continued to pay the car forward by giving "Molly" to Mo. She was just a bit excited!

Sushi time.

Headed to the pool. And the crash.

Here are the knuckleheads acting like the noodle was the roller coaster seat bar. Knuckleheads!

Little people all loaded up for the drive to Alabama to say our farewells to our dear Uncle.

Big I with her grand and greats.

Click below to see more pics of baseball, Mo's new car, and more, plus pics and video of Mo's end-of-year concert!

In mid-June, my buddy Goose and I made it to a Yanks-Orioles game in Baltimore.

Pretty happy about this sequence of pics - Jeter knocking a single to left field.

Over the wall of right field, they have markers where balls were hit out of the stadium. Here is one hit by Gary Matthews, Jr. And yes, my name came in part from his father, Gary Matthews, who played for the Braves in the late '70's.

K with her town o' Little People and a happy C.

Big Mo with Mr. Charles and her new car, Molly.

C doing some cooking while K does her Sunday reading.

C ready for his big sister's concert.

Mo doing some singing.

Meanwhile, C kept the destruction to the outside of the concert hall.


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